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Uranus 2324 NYC FanMeet
No cover | Free Merch | Giveaways
39 W 29th St, Floor 3
New York, NY 10001

Last update: January 28, 2024

The purpose of the event is for fans in the NYC area, and those who might be in town, to have an opportunity to meet one another, talk about Freen, Becky, and their projects with other fans. It’s a great time to build interest in Uranus 2324 with FB in town. We will also have limited edition fan merch and giveaways at the event to make it special.

Since shooting schedules are quite hectic, we don’t anticipate that FB will be available to attend. However, we have made their team aware of the fanmeet details in case they are able to make it.

fanmeet poster.png

Media Gallery
Thank you to Ethan Dizon for photographing the event!

The images  & video below were sent to our admin team during Freen & Becky's visit to NYC for filming of Uranus 2324 by Velcurve.  

We were excited that we were able to visit

to try their delicious menu - it's definitely a must to try while visiting Brooklyn!
(Parts of the movie were actually shot in this location!)



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