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Official FreenBecky USA, Inc. is committed to supporting fans of FreenBecky, as well as supporting many international fanbases within the FB community. We strive to help others in any ways we can possible to engage with more fans and create long lasting connections/awareness. From charity/donation drives, to promoting events for awareness, we want to give back to the fanbase in any way we can to support them and the girls.

With Official FreenBecky USA, Inc. in production of many upcoming projects (donation drives, events, giveaways, etc..) we work together as a family, and we encourage all fans of FB to help support our projects in order to keep doing special projects/collaborations with fanbases. You can help by donating to our Official FreenBecky USA, Inc. fundraiser with more information provided down below. Your donation will have an impact on the FB community with many special projects that will be able to become reality. You can also support us by helping spread awareness of any upcoming events/projects that occur to reach everyone. 

Any way possible, your support for us is enough and we appreciate each and every single one of you for sticking with us🤍. We are excited to get to do more things with you all in the future!


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